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Me-Ware - Business Solutions & Consulting

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Public Housing Authority Consulting

Me-Ware - Business Solutions & ConsultingMeWare/PAC is a leading provider of management consultant services for PHA's and other government housing organizations nationwide. Our professionals have performed more than 100 engagements as the prime or subcontractor to NYSE listed consulting firms such as Mitchell & Titus, LLP, Maximus (MMS), PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and HUD.

We have the practical experience and the technical know- how to give you sound recommendations based on the facts.

Our broad range of services to Housing Agencies includes:

Housing Development and Facility Corporations

We assist in the development of housing opportunities, new developments, non-profit affordable housing, LIHTC development, Hope VI and mixed finance housing development, and more.

Asset Viability Evaluation

We assisted HUD in developing the criteria and protocol for determining project viability. Housing authorities now have the opportunity to manage developments according to economically sound property management principles. We can guide your agency through the intricate process called for in regulations-sell or modernize? Voucher out or redesign? We'll help sort it all out.

Strategic Planning

We'll assess your agency's missions, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and design a migration plan specifically designed to maximize financial and operational opportunities. The agency's mission and each department's role are clarified, and in the end you have a clearly defined plan to guide the agency to financial stability now and in the future.

MIS Analysis, Procurement and Implementation

The information system- hardware, software, training program, installation, references, etc.- are the "brain" of the agency. MeWare can help you find out exactly what you need now and in the foreseeable future, help you acquire and get it online, and guide your staff through the whole process. When we're finished, you'll feel confident that you got what you asked for.

Organizational Analysis

We'll examine all departments, analyze them using various means, (including process mapping, matrix analysis, communications and lines of authority, and board/staff interaction,) and provide recommendations for greater growth, control, and profitability.

Comprehensive Implementation Planning

The overriding theme of our service is implementation. Our programs truly improve operations. The key to our success has always been working with you and your staff, utilizing many of their ideas to develop an implementation plan that really works.

Maintenance/Management Assessment

So you passed PHMAP/SEMAP- that doesn't mean you're getting the most for your money. In these times of budget cuts and reduced subsidy, only those agencies that are adjusting maintenance and management according to sound business principles will survive. Our clients will tell you our assessments produce practical recommendations, as proven by how many of them were actually implemented and are working today.

Policies and Procedures

We maintain a library of policy and procedures that can be customized for your agency's needs. We can develop them from scratch if necessary, as well as integrate local systems and Board decisions.

Cost Accounting

We can help you cut costs without sacrificing quality of life for your residents. Our accountants are experienced in what an HA needs to operate smoothly and within budget.

PHAS/SEMAP Self-Assessment and Improvement Plan

We have performed many confirmatory reviews for HUD and PHA's. We'll help your staff document compliance quickly and efficiently. This allows you to focus on operating your agency, rather than filling out forms.

Operational Management

MeWare is staffed with former PHA professionals. If you have an operational need, or perhaps you need the right training program for new staff, we can help. In most cases, we can even manage the operation for you until trained management is available.

Staff and Resident Training Programs

MeWare has trainers that can take the mystery out of PHMAP, SEMAP, maintenance, leasing, resident employment, employee safety training, and more.

MOA Compliance

We can assist you to meet MOA deadlines and goals. In some cases our services are used to develop, implement, and/or objectively monitor the MOA plan.

Section 3 and WBE/DBE Compliance Programs

Let us guide you through the complicated web of requirements, teach your staff how to satisfy all the WBE/DBE problem areas- and still have time to do the rest of their jobs.

Resident Surveys

We've conducted resident surveys for PHADA and NAHRO on subjects ranging from Welfare Reform to resident employment. MeWare conducts insightful, productive, and effective resident surveys - in essence "Town Hall" meetings.

Welfare and Move-to-Work Programs

For two years, we've had a Move-to-Work Program that has all the elements of a successful resident employment program. Most importantly, it's designed to provide additional revenue for your agency.