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Me-Ware - Business Solutions & ConsultingMake your inspection team more thorough, efficient, and organized! Standardize and simplify your system with MeWare's Inspections Systems Solution for Section 8 HQS and UPCS Inspections.

Our system is virtually fail-safe against incomplete or incorrect inspection reports- a highly flexible and customizable system. With the MeWare software and your hand-held device, you can:

  • Download data for the inspector- eliminate the need for paperwork in the field.
  • Track and schedule inspections and inspectors automatically.
  • Report inspections- you choose date, range, type, zip, or census tract.
  • Print HUD reports, forms, and data fields.
  • Mail letters of inspection intent and results easily and automatically-we'll even do it for you.
  • Use a hook-up or wireless hot-spot to connect the host and the hand-held.
  • Our system works with any Windows Mobile or Pocket PC device.

All of this information can be stored on your host computer, or use our on-line server,, and leave the computing to us! Our software will be up and running quickly and easily- and we'll help your staff through the whole process.

Inspectors use hand-helds

Me-Ware - Business Solutions & ConsultingThe easy-to-use hand-held has a pen-based touch screen. All the information your inspector needs for a complete report will be downloaded from the host to his hand-held. Many of the user-defined common phrases needed are pre-programmed, drastically reducing typing. A virtual keyboard allows your inspector to customize his notes.

The information he's gathered can be uploaded while he's on his coffee break! All of it will be stored on the host system for easy future reference and scheduling.

Back at the office

Me-Ware - Business Solutions & ConsultingScheduling is a snap, as your staff can automatically or manually schedule inspections, assign inspectors and track their workloads, track "no shows," "no entries," and other re-inspections, and choose the point of "final fail."

They can also generate and print user-defined reports based on workloads, batches of inspections by inspector, HUD 52580 forms, blank inspection forms, any user-defined common phrase, export data fields, and even third-party software, such as Word and Excel.

We'll even generate letters notifying of intent to inspect or results- no more letter-writing or postal service hassles!

Your IT director will love the way we make his job easier with simple interfaces, easy-to-use software, and a minimum of hardware.